Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NEW!!! Richeson Oil Mediums

Richeson Oil Mediums and Richeson Oils
Just got images from our art department today on the packaging for our Richeson Oil Mediums. If you have never had an opportunity to try them, I am confident you will be pleased! These mediums are the perfect partner for the Richeson Oils introduced in August this year. The positive feedback has been exciting for everyone here!
One note on the Oils...if you get frustrated by the oil at the top of New tubes of color, you will be thrilled with the Richeson Oils. We allow the color to rest for between 60 and 120 days after milling. This allows for maximum absorbtion of the oil into the pigment. After "resting" for an appropriate period of time, we test the oils, remove any excess oil and remill if needed before tubing, bringing artists only the best of the best!
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