Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pasadena Here I Come!

This past two weeks has been insane! Back to School is in full force for our dealers.....Tensions are high as we work to improve our dealer services to new heights of excellence.

In the midst of this, the Fall Teacher State Art Ed conferences are now in full swing. My brother Mike and Debbie in Sales are on the road until Thanksgiving. Steve just returned from an amazing event at Savannah College of Art (More on this soon), and I just landed in a wet and cool S. California(Dog gone it! I was hoping for sun!)

Oh yeah! I can't forget Jack (my dad) and Linda! They are in Newport Beach area for the National Watercolor Society annual event......which I understand was incredible!

The economy has meant doing more with less. We are travelling more, working later at night so we can get done what we would have done during the day. This next 12 monbths looks to be challenging but exciting. In talking with dealers yesterday....we all take a step back....touch our skin and realize...WE HAVE SURVIVED!!!!

As reports that economic recovery us starting but slow.....we are all still here. We have life to fight again another day!