Tuesday, September 22, 2009



A number of years ago I had the honor of meeting one of today's greatest living portrait painters. It is a name I am sure many of you know...Everett Raymond Kinstler. The event was the third annual Art of the Portrait Conference. I was working the booth when a hush came over the room. In swept a man who is bigger than life. You instantly knew you were in the presence of greatness! My Dad - Jack had known Ray for sometime and brought me over for a personal introduction. It was an honor I will never forget.
A few years later, I had the privlege of visiting Ray's studio on Grammercy Park with my dad. It was an experience that defies explaination. To see a studio of Everett Raymond Kinstler.....AWESOME!!!!!!
To think that now our company has available Alkyd and Studio Painting mediums under the Kinstler name is truly exciting. For more information or to find out where you can purchase, please e-mail me at colleen@richesonart.com

EVERETT RAYMOND KINSTLER is a native New Yorker who began his career at age 16, drawing comic books and hundreds of book and magazine illustrations, as well as covers for paper back books. As one of the "golden age" era of comic book artists, his illustrations for magazines, including The Shadow and Doc Savage, have influenced the pop art school.

Mr. Kinstler has painted more than 50 cabinet officers, more than any artist in the country's history. Six Presidents--Richard Nixon, Gerald R. Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton have posed for him. His portraits of Ford and Reagan are the official White House portraits.
Mr. Kinstler is currently painting the official mayoral portrait of former NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Recently complete portraits include Sen. Robert Dole for the U.S. Senate; Neil Rudenstine, former president of Harvard University; Judith Rodin, former president of the University of Pennsylvania; and Donald Trump.
For Mr. Kinstlers complete Bio go to - http://www.everettraymondkinstler.com/