Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Last night was so much fun! At 1:30pm yesterday afternoon we started packing up all the painting gear for shipment back to the U.S. Painters came into our staging room in groups of four where we carefully packed up all the painting supplies. After 10 days in Scotland and lots of gifts to hand cary home I think everyone was thrilled they did not need to cpoe with getting gear on a plane on top of it all.
At 5:30pm we all met in the bar for a last night drink before dinner. At 6:00pm our Piper Stewart piped the goup into dinner in traditional Scottish style! One could not help but have goosebumps as the Piper played traditional Scottish music and the group followed through the hotel to the dining room.
After "Starters" (appetisers) the Piper returned with the chef who carriers the Haggis. The Piper marched the chef around the room as all stood in awe and paid tribute to the Haggis. Upon depositing the tray with the Haggis on a specially laid out table the Piper and the Chef toasted the Haggis with a "Wee Dram of Whiskey" then proceeded to address the Haggis with a traditional Scottish "Address to the Haggis" by Robert Burns.
Before retiring to bed we had a group photo. Unfortunately we were missing Jack & Linda Richeson, Anne, and Annette all who could only be with the group for part of the trip.
It was off to finish packing and an early night for all as the coach would be heading to the airport at 6:30am.