Thursday, September 10, 2009



If you have been following the blog you know I recently returned from a few weeks in the Scottish Highlands with Maggie Price's Pastel Workshop. Like most folks after an extended time away from the office, chaos reins at my desk. Everyone who has ever taken a vacation or had to travel away for business knows, life does not stop because you are away.

The bills pile up, the list of calls to return has grown to unbelievable lengths, and life has gone on in our absence. This week has been full of tying up loose ends for the upcoming Learning and Art Expo in Pasadena, preparing for 6 other upcoming trade shows, introductions of new product....all on a deadline.

As I was on a call, my cell was ringing, a line of staff stood at my desk and I hear the page overhead for me to call another department on an urgent issue. As the dust began to settle, I poured myself a cup of hot tea, pulled a Shortbread from my recent trip from the desk drawer, closed my eyes and dreamed about my trip next year back to Scotland. The image above of the Pirates cove area near St Abb's Head in Scotland is one of my very favorite places in Scotland.

If all goes well, Maggie will be taking a group there next year. Dreaming a little dream goes a long way to settling a stressed mind and body on a day like today. Consider joining Maggie in St. Abbs for the real thing in September 2010.