Thursday, July 9, 2009

Art and the Family

My Name is Colleen. I am one of 12 active members of our family manufacturing and importing business. During the summer months that number increases by leaps as my high school and college age nieces and nephews join us for summer work. We employ others in a variety of departments. Without those folks we would not survive. What makes what we do interesting is the dynamic between family members. Others in family businesses share with me how challenging it can be even when the business involves just two family members.

Ours includes my 76 yearold father Jack(who has been in our industry 60 years!) CEO, my Step Mother Linda (my mom Ruth passed away in 2000 but started the business with my dad and a brother), Brother Darren who is President, Brother Shawn Exec VP of Manufacturing & Warehousing, Sister Kelly VP of Finance, Brother Mike VP/National Accounts and I am VP of Sales and Marketing. Imagine working with 3 of your brothers, your sister, AND your dad!!!!! I'll talk about the other important familiy members in future blogs!!!

This is all about why it works (most of the time!!!), the joys, the challenges and the craziness! More soon!