Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our Building

For those of you who have never had a chance to visit us in beautiful Kimberly, WI., I thought you might enjoy seeing our building! When I moved from California to Wisconsin in 1992 our bulding was a modest 40,000 square feet. It housed a small office area, warehouse storage and a small area to manufacture plastic palettes as well as a small wood working area to manufacture loom kits for the schools.

Since 1992 we have added 3 additions and major renovations to our building. We now have over 120,000 square feet. We manufacture some of the Finest Professional Artist Oil Paint (Richeson Oils - Shiva Series) available, Casein, Plastic palettes, manufacture the finest Oak Easels by Best available anywhere in the world as well as are an importer of our brand of Richeson Brushes, Quiller Watercolors, Unison Pastels and Richeson Lyptus Easels. We are the U.S. distributor for Tri-Art Acrylics - an amazing range of professional to educational acrylics. Plus we import a complete range of "sundries" for the artist market...everything for pottery supplies to well...you name it...we have it!

All this started in an old 3 story Victorian House on State St. in Appleton WI.! More about that tomorrow!