Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Great Memories! Zoltan Szabo!

I am just learning how much fun Blogging can be! Yesterday a dear friend -Willa Mc Neil found our new Blog by accident when she was on line. Willa Mc Neil was the friend and business partner of world renowned Watercolor Painter Zoltan Szabo. I was blessed to spend wonderful time with both Willa and Zoltan at Richeson Sponsored overseas Scotland Painting Workshops, as well as a number of Dealer sponsored consumer shows over the years.

For those of you who were privileged to know Zoltan before he passed away in 2003, he had the gift of teaching. He had the ability to grow dormant seeds of desire to paint within those who had never picked up a brush before. Once they were a student of Zoltan's he drew talent and abilities from every student they never imagined they had!

Zoltan created techniques for watercolor painting never before seen. He developed and used Slant Bristle and Slant Synthetic Brushes with almost magical results. He taught others how to accomplish the same. Willa is carrying on Zoltan's dream. His workshops are available for purchase as are the special slant brushes and other tools Zoltan LOVED.

I hope you will take a short side trip today and visit Zoltan's website....you will see it featured on the right.