Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Monday!

It's Monday at Jack Richeson & Co. July 13th. Mike and Darren got back to town very late after working the Learning and Art Expo in Lisle IL. Mike says it was a great show! They are both exhausted. Amazing what aging a few years does to ones energy in setting up and packing up after one of these shows! Somehow it seemed a lot easier when we were in our 30's!

Luana Winner Luconi wrapped up a VERY succesful workshop this weekend at the Richeson School of Art and Gallery. Luana is such a delight to work with, and her wonderful husband Doug is SO supportive! I am looking forward to seeing Luana's Studio when I am in Raleigh in November for Art of the Carolina's. Take a moment and click the link to Luana's website. She has some great things happening.
The model is Judy is a sweet lady who has worked for Jack Richeson & Co for a number of years now. She handles our warehouse shipping desk. What would the family do without all our great staff.