Wednesday, July 22, 2009

BECKY RICHESON -Our Summer Graphic Artist!

Becky Richeson(seated)
Rachelle Hanson-Art Director(standing)
One of the joys of working in a family business is getting to work with my nieces and nephews as they became old enough to work. Few people I know really have a chance to get to know their sibling's children as adults. Watching these kids grow up has been fun. Even more fun is watching them grow up into GREAT adults!
There are 17+ (I lost count!) nieces and nephews and a number of great nieces & nephews. Becky Richeson is my brother Shawn's 18 year old baby girl. Becky just graduated from High School and this fall will be attending the University of Wisconsin/Eau Claire.
We are thilled to have Becky helping out in our Art Department this summer. In this crazy Techno/Instant everything world, demands are high for electronic information on our products. Becky has been filling in gaps and learning the ropes at the same time!
More to come about some of the other "cousins" as we go on.