Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Maggie Price Painting Using Richeson Premium Sanded Pastel Surface

Got an e-mail from Maggie Price this morning. Maggie has been working with our Premium Sanded Pastel Surfaces on Gator Foam for a while now. This is a product the family developed a couple of years ago with desire to make the Plein Aire Painter's life easier. Light weight, does not need to be mounted before framing AND glory of can rinse the surface off under the faucet if needed!!

On line images generally don't show the vividness of a painting. Yet on our Richeson Pastel Surface this painting POPS! Maggie will be using this surface in a variety of colors with students when we are painting in the Highlands of Scotland next month. Just the thought of Scotland could get me going on a whole different tangent. Focus Colleen! Focus!

I hope you will take time and click into Maggie's web site. Cool stuff, workshops and info on IAPS. If you want info on how to purchase our pastel surface in Paper, Gator or on hardboard...give us a call at 800/233-2404. We can direct you to a stocking dealer.