Saturday, August 29, 2009



Friday was our Free Day. This is the day our artist guests have free to paint, sightsee, or just wander and enjoy the countryside. I took a small group on the train to Edinburgh to enjoy the city. Many had arrived early and seen the city before the workshop started. Those folks stayed back and enjoyed the hotel and local sites. Some painted with Maggie and took advantage of some extra instruction.

The group that headed with me to Edinburgh on the train had a BEAUTIFUL day. One enjoyed the museums in the city. Some visited old friends and others toured the city. The city was alive with excitement. The Festival had just come to an end and "The Fringe" is nearing an end.

I had a GREAT time. When I was in school I dreamed of going to Edinburgh. At 17 I had an opportunity of a lifetime to spend three months with family in England. Knowing of my desire to see Scotland, my little English Grandmother took me by bus from the south of England to Scotland so I could see the country and city I had dreamed of. Ever since then Edinburgh has held a special place in my heart.

My daughter Mandie was blessed to spend a semester of studies at Dalkeith near Edinburgh when she was in college. She shares that special feeling about Edinburgh. I was so excited to be at the fringe I called her from a phone kiosk to share the day with her. If you have never travelled here, I would encourage you to put this on your bucket list!