Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Austin Straubel Airport - 5AM Tuesday!
I often get asked if it is exciting to be able to travel to so many parts of the country and the world on company business. Sometimes the answer is YES!! Usually that is when I am going somewhere exotic and fun such as our painting workshop with Stephen Quiller to Italy last year.
Yesterdays trip...was like driving to Milwaukee. I got up at 3:30am after not sleeping(I am always afraid I will miss the alarm!) and at 5:00am I was checked in for a quick flight to Detroit.
I worked with our rep for the day calling on our dealers (I do enjoy that!) and at 5:00pm he pushed me out of the car (We were tired of each other by then!) and I was heading back for Austin Straubel Airport in Green Bay. By 8:15pm I was watering plants on my front porch.
At the very life is INTERSTING!