Monday, August 17, 2009


Michael-One of the Bro's stuck in the middle!
I hope through this Blog you will get to know each one of my family better. After all, one of the cool and crazy things about our company is that we have so many family members working here and somehow we get through a day without causing bodily harm and still walk out the door and look forward to going to a movie together, or sharing dinner with our families. From everything I hear about many family businesses that truly makes ours unusual and special.
Mike is one of my middle brothers. With 4 brothers between my sister and I it must be challenging to be in the middle. As the oldest I sometimes wonder what life would have been like as an only child. My conclusion is that it would have been boring and not any where near as much fun!
So back to Mike......being one of the guys in the middle, Mike learned to be tough as nails to survive. So tough we occasionally butt heads and I am tempted to nail his office door shut with him inside, disconnect the phone and run from the building. Then we walk out the door for the evening. Mike meets me on the way out, gives me a hug goodbye offers a smile that could melt ice cubes, says "Love ya Sis". With that, I smile, get in my car and head home, thanking God for ALL my family. I am reminded again...we are BLESSED!