Sunday, August 30, 2009

Painting Heather in the Highlands


Today was classic "PleinAire 101" ... Adjust your schedule to work with the weather. Since our arrival the weather has been one of our biggest challenges. We have seen more rain and blustery weather than I remember seeing EVER at this time of year in Scotland.

We were scheduled to be painting on the grounds of Glamis Castle(Today/Sunday). About 8:30pm last night as we were finishing dinner several of us came to the realization that our weather on Monday which was the day scheduled to paint the Heather in the Highlands was forcast to be rainy and blustery. Unfortunately that would NOT work for painting Sma' Glen.

Quickly we made a decision to flip flop the two days as Sunday(today) our Glamis Castle day was forcast to be pleasant, bright and sunny. A flurry of activity followed...could we confirm the coach would have a toilet (essential in the wild), what would we do about lunches (none were ordered as we planned to eat at the castle), could we rebook the Glamis Castle painting day?

With a lot of team work (our group is great) we decided to plunge forward and make the switch happen. While the day was not bright and sunny, and warm was NOT the word most of us would use, it has been an incredible day. The pictures above do not even begin to capture the beauty of what we saw. In spite of battling cold and grey the group produced some amazing work.

Tomorrow..on to Glamis Castle!