Monday, August 24, 2009


Yesterday (Sunday) we picked up the group by coach from the Edinburgh Airport. Many of the group arrived early and spent some time visiting the city and surrounding area. Maggie Price, Bill Canright and myself positioned ourselves in the International Arrivals area at 10:30am. By noon we had all but two of our painters accounted for.
Unfortunately, two of our folks had missed stateside connections resulting in missing their overseas flight. After a little bit of digging and with some help from the airlines we found out they were booked to come in Monday morning.
Once we knew all were accounted for, we headed to Kenmore to settle the group in. Arrival day is always an "easy" day. Everyone rests up and we meet for drinks on the house in early evening before enjoying a great Welcome Dinner.
Just a little bit about our hotel. It was established in 1576. That is almost unimaginable in U.S. terms! Britain has very strict rules on how historic properties can be updated. Imagine a warm fire in the lobby, multiple levels with little nooks and crannies. Each guestroom with it's own teapot and biscuits(cookies) waiting daily! In additional to being the oldest Inn in Scotland, the hotel is also known as a place Robert Burns visited and wrote one of his famous poems!
This place is an artist dream come true! Tomorrow we paint at the Falls