Thursday, August 13, 2009


I made a commitment when I started the blog, I would not miss an entry on a work day. So much for the best laid plans of Mice & Men! (Or should we say women!) It is summer and in the summer folks take vacation. Summer also happens to be one of our busiest times of year as our dealers are getting ready for the BIG Back to School Rush!
Debbie is one of our mission critical folks, along with Steve, Jackie, Annette, Kelly, Sally, Jan, Rachelle and way to many VERY important warehouse folks to begin to list (Guys...I hope you know I appreciate you!) This week Debbie is on Vacation. Amazing how quickly you realize how much you count on a staff member when they are gone.
Needless to say.....Debbie has been DEEPLY missed this week. As the phone calls come in, and the messages I need to return for questions that need to be answered continue to pile up.....this poor blog got the worst of it. Debbie...hurry back...enjoy the time, get rested...we can't wait to see you on Monday!