Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Maggie Demo's on Our First Day Out in the Field

Today was our Painting Day at the beautiful Falls of Duchart. The day started promisingly with bright sunshine. After a great breakfast, everyone grabbed their painting gear, boarded the bus and headed for the Falls.

After taking the gear off the bus, Maggie did a wonderful demo. From their things got VERY interesting!!!! The artists set up and began to paint. The first 45 minutes were good. Then the sky started to spit rain. Then the spitting got heavier.....then heavier.

About then Maggie suggested a break for lunch. Some brought sack lunches, others had a great Pub Lunch. Unfortunately the rain kept starting and stopping...never long enough to pick back up where we atarted so we called it a day. Fortunately we made it back to the hotel early enough some could continue painting in the hotel for the couple of hours before dinner