Friday, August 21, 2009



After setting in to the Kenmore Hotel yesterday here in beautiful Kenmore Scotland, our Instructor Maggie Price, her husband Bill Canrite and I went to check out a few painting sites in preparation for our groups arrival.

The afternoon was amazing. I quickly forgot how jet lagged I was as we viewed the beautiful scenery. The picture above of the Falls at the opposite end of Loch Tay do not even begin to do justce to the amazing site we enjoyed.

Eventually we had to drag ourselves away. The drive back to the hotel was entrancing. We found a little driven side road that eged along the Loch. Just when we thought the road could not get any narrower, guess what! They got narrower! Maggie was riding shotgun, Bill in the back. Bless them they did not even cringe when the Lorries barreled around blind corners and threatened to force us into the stone walls along the sides.
Good News however! We made it safely back to the hotel. After returning we enjoyed a wonderful meal in the hotel restauraunt overlooking the River Tay. I was very happy to see my bed after a very long but enjoyable day. I am thrilled to be back here. Wish you were here!
More tomorrow!